Kite Marine – Exclusive Private & Semi-Private – Kite-Surfing Courses

Your Ultimate Kite Heaven Destination

Whether you are looking for turquoise shallow water lagoons or open sea kiting experience, Kite Marine sums it all with a variety of services to assure your comfort.

Kite-marine is spoted directly on two natural shallow lagoons with turquoise flat water.

This all-inclusive 5-star resort in Hurghada features a private beach, Kite-surfing club and a diving club.

Kite-marine provides exclusive courses covering all levels.

Kite-marine provides full range of equipment rental for your kiting convenience.

Kite-marine provides the international kite brand “FOne” for both rentals and courses services.

Kite-marine provides exclusive daily kite-safari trips to the exotic islands of the Red Sea, all around Hurghada.